Organisation is the key and we prefer to start the day with a strategy, coffee and energizing our employees.

The Be-Da Express team is composed of a highly professional, motivated and organised team. Synchronisation is an important element that improves our performance and every position of our employees is crucial and valued throughout the whole work process.

In the first line we have our delivery control manager who daily organizes, monitors and strategically plans the route and mobility of our vehicles.

The ambassadors of our company are our call agents in the contact center. They are the first person you come in contact with when you contact Be-Da Express! Cheerful and patient, they are always prepared to answer all of the questions and requests from our clients.

On the field, always on the road and always on time, is our delivery team who with their cheerful spirit, patience and teamwork represent our company and take good care for our clients to be assured with impeccable service.

In the warehouse where our orders arrive, are organised and stored, we have our warehouse managers. They are fantastic planners with a great memory who carefully keep safe our client’s orders.